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What is the Personal Chef Directory

What is the Personal Chef Directory

*In the Mood for Food

Personal Chef Directory was designed and developed by local website design company Front Street Media to increase the overall experience of people looking for a better Personal Chef. The directory is here to create an exposed environment for personal chefs, cuisine event planners, caterers, culinary experts and more. Being a personal chef, its not always easy to get found, but at Personal Chef Directory, we bring the customers directly to you! With our expansive list of Personal Chefs in the Personal Chef Directory, our customers and clients trust us to provide only the most experienced personal chefs, caterers and cuisine experts to be featured in our website. If you are a consumer looking for a personal chef or a personal chef looking for more customers, the Personal Chef Directory is the spot for you!

What can you expect from the Personal Chef Directory

  • Personal Chefs
  • Caterers
  • Culinary Experts
  • Cuisine Event Planners
  • Farm to Table Dinner Experts
Here at the Personal Chef Directory, we have a wide variety of talented cuisine experts that ranges from in house personal chefs, farm to table chefs, dietary restriction chefs, health conscious chefs, five star catering companies and much more. Our number one goal as a company is to provide our clients with a feeling of trust, be it a culinary expert or a consumer looking for anyone is the culinary industry.

Personal Chef and Culinary Expert Profiles

When someone is creating a cooking a meal plan for you, your friends and your family, you want to know everything about them, the who, what, when, where, and why! At the Personal Chef Directory, we have developed a system to allow personal chefs and culinary experts alike to create personal profiles to explain their services, background, skills, examples of work and much more to give the consumer a better understanding of who exactly they want to hire and have cook for their family. With a 5 star rating system, geo targeting technology, and some of the best personal chefs in the industry, its no wonder why so many consumers trust the Personal Chef Directory.

Why join the Personal Chef Directory?

More Exposure! Creating your brand online is awesome if you are a personal chef, but how do you get more exposure to your potential clients? With the Personal Chef Directory, you can create a personal business profile explaining who you are, what your skill sets are and your past experience in the culinary industry. After you have created your personal profile, let Personal Chef Directory do the work for you. We have a team of marketing experts that create a marketing "Push" for all listings be it free or paid. After you create your free business profile of Personal Chef Directory, be prepared to start accepting phone calls and leads.

Who is the Personal Chef Directory?

Personal Chef Directory was started by a brother and sister team who's experience ranges from personal chef services, amazing mind blowing farm to table dinner catering, event planning and of course internet marketing. The goal of the Personal Chef Directory is to bring real people together and create a magnificent relationship between culinary experts and consumers who are in the mood for food.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Why hire Organic Foods Personal Chef in Santa Cruz

Why hire Organic Foods Personal Chef in Santa Cruz

Save Cooking Time
With Organic Foods Personal Chef you will save time from prepping and preparing your food in the kitchen. Depending on how much food is cooked wither for you or your entire family, Root Foods Personal Chef will save you time. Root Foods Personal Chef  will plan your menu, shop for groceries, prepare and package the food accordingly as well as clean up.

Something Different
Eating the same meals at home or work may getting monotonous, with root Foods Personal Chef you will constantly taste new flavors and experience new types of cuisine. With a new menu every week, it is no surprise that Root Foods Personal Chef is one of the top rated Personal Chef services in Santa Cruz, CA.

Save Money on food shopping
Root Foods personal chef in Santa Cruz, has years of experience finding the right deals on the most organic and natural foods in Santa Cruz. From farmers markets to the local grocery store, Root Foods knows all the right places to get those perfect ingredients for your meal.

Eat Healthy
With Organic Foods Personal Chef in Santa Cruz, we use only certified organic foods, and root foods cooked accordingly to your specific diet plan. Root Foods Personal Chef cooks with only the freshest, hand-selected ingredients using healthy cooking methods.

Some Meals from Root Foods Personal Chef in Santa Cruz

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Award Winning Pork Belly | Chef Breana Greene

Cabrillo culinary students dare to pair By Alia Posted:   05/23/2010 01:30:49 AM PDT

Award Winning Pork Belly | Chef Breana Greene

Pan-seared duck, pork belly and smoked trout were just a few of the dishes created by Cabrillo College Culinary Arts Program students for the first Dare to Pair food and wine challenge Saturday.
Inspired by the food challenge series on the Food Network, members of the Surf City Vintners -- a group of Santa Cruz Mountains wineries -- approached the college with the idea of bringing something similar to the community. As a result, 24 students teamed up with the 12 wineries to prepare dishes that complemented the wines provided by the vintners. For $50, the public could sample all of the dishes prepared by the students.

"It's really important for upcoming chefs and restaurant managers to learn how to work with local wineries and to come up with things," said Eric Carter, program director. "To be able to pair local food with local wine was just natural. It's a great opportunity, and we hope to do it every year."
Students from the program's catering and advanced classes met with vineyard owners before the competition to learn about the wines. They got to choose one to work with and were given about four hours during class time to prepare a dish. Given a $150 budget, plus a $30 gift card from New Leaf, students set out to get ingredients earlier in the week. Students could chose whether to prepare the majority of their dish before the event or find ways to cook onsite. On Saturday, students brought fryers and portable stoves to the vineyards'

Catering student Michael Nguyen and his partner Alexa Bowe opted to cook everything on site. The students teamed up with Silver Mountain Vineyards.

"We believe that when food is prepared fresh things just taste better," Nguyen said.
"Plus the smell draws people to us," Bowe said.

Local chefs Brad Briske from Gabriella's, Michael Clark of Michael's on Main, Chris Levesque of El Salchichero, Charlotte Moreno from Lillian's and Charlie Parker from Cellar Door judged the competition.

Students J.P. Ditkowsky, Breanna Greene and Kris Tatroe won both the judges and crowd over and landed first place for their pork belly and smoked white beans paired with Santa Cruz Mountains and Quinta Cruz Spanish wine.

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Breana Greene | Personal Chef and Catering Santa Cruz, CA

Root Foods Personal Chef

We firmly believe that to be the best you need to combine delicious well presented food with extraordinary service. All dishes are cooked on-site with only premium ingredients to ensure the highest quality and possible flavor.

While reviewing Root Foods Personal Chef delicious menu recommendations, please keep in mind that this is merely a sample listing of the menu items that are available. We also offer the service of creating any dish upon request. All dinners will include baskets of local fresh baked artisan breads.

From Farm to Table, Personal Chef, Private Chef and Catering Menu's Root Foods/ Breana Greene has it all! Please contact Root Foods Personal Chef today if you have any questions about meal combination's and dish options mentioned below.